Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Worcester - $1.25

Lame. I know. Toll Booth Willy references are tired, but so is Worcester, MA.  After 8 years of living in Newport, RI, Rome, Italy and Washington, DC, returning home has been challenging to say the very least.

I've been back for over 6 months now and have created a very productive series of avoidance tactics. 

Distraction 1- The Big Move
Issue: Moving away from the busting DC summer nearly killed me.  Drinks on the Georgetown waterfront called to me as the Uhaul drove me (and my fiancee and my possessions) north.
Consolation: I was closer to family and friends. I enjoyed some much needed "mom time." I had a bigger apartment. I spent time with my godson.
Verdict: Entertainment to last me through August. Barely.

Distraction 2- The New Job
Issue: Being unemployed for 2 months made me ridiculously lazy ... and broke.
Consolation: I found a job a local college (fun fact: Worcester has about 10).  Pay is good.  Title is excellent. Job is a little questionable, but in the end -- I am employed, yay!
Verdict: This job is probably not it for me, but I'll stick it out for a while.  My boss has assured me that after a year, I'll have some projects... yippee.

Distraction 3- The Wedding
Issue: Quite an important event loomed on the horizon, which refused to be ignored.
Consolation: No distractions provided by Worcester to stop me from wedding planning. (w00t!) I've said it to just about everyone I know, but here it is again-- I wouldn't wish wedding planning on anyone.  It makes you turn into a version of yourself that you've never seen before. I feel like it is a chance for you to show your least flattering self to your intended spouse before it is too late to turn back.  Despite being the reluctant bride I was, I planned my behind off (literally-- I ate soup for 3 months straight to look amazing in my dress) and, with the help of many, produced a kick-ass wedding.
Verdict: The wedding rocked.  It has taken me 3 weeks to recover and catch up on the sleep I lost. I'm happily married to a wonderful man...

and I am still in Worcester... without any new distractions in the near future.

Onward to the point! I've found little to entertain in the smallest city/biggest town in New England.  (Disclaimer: I know a lot of people would disagree with this description, but honestly -- I don't care, so there :-p )

However, I am an optimist at heart - as obvious as that is from the tone of my blog, but honestly, don't mistake sarcasm for pessimism.  I am issuing myself a goal - one post a week with something positive about living in Worcester.  To make this even more difficult, I am going to try to have one post a month be something free and one to be family friendly (ie. not directly related to alcohol consumption).

This is a chance for me to get out there and try new things.  I'll blog about my experiences and rate how each place, event, etc is swaying my opinion of Wormtown.*  I'll be looking for suggestions and letting everyone know the week prior what I'm attempting for the next post so you can join in if you want.

Wish me luck!!!

<3 K

*This is the one and only time I will refer to Worcester as Wormtown... be advised.

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