Friday, May 27, 2011

Who Rocks? Lou Rocs! Part 2 of the Worcester Diner Series

I ventured outside of my normal Shrewsbury Street area diner choices to check out the next installment of the Worcester Diner Series. Lou Rocs is on the out-skirts of Worcester (so much so that it is practically West Boylston, but Google confirms that it is actually in Worcester).  My cousin, Jen and her family LOVE this place.  She had been raving about it for months, so we picked a Sunday morning to battle the crowds and check it out.

This place is unbelievably popular.  From the exterior, it is a little deceptive.  A more recent addition masques the classic diner look that surprises you once you enter the building.  The newer section provides much need extra seating, but it bums the preservationist in me out to lose that classic store front.

There were 5 of us in our party, so we expected a bit of a wait.  My husband, Jackson took to antagonizing my cousin's 6-year-old son, Brayden, while I got the inside scoop on the menu from Jen and her husband Chris.  While there wasn't really a comfortable waiting area, it didn't feel awkward and to our surprise, they were able to seat use fairly quickly.

To my delight, we were placed in the older section of the diner, across from the classic twist top stools, where regulars have their coffee and chat with the cooks while they fry up their bacon, eggs and home-fries.  It's a snug area, but it's part of the diner charm.

I'm told that the omelets are to die for, but my choice was made for me when I saw cranberry walnut pancakes on the table. They were delicious.  The service was quick, friendly and attentive. Brayden had a blast, so they carry the kid friendly seal of approval.  Jackson's coffee cup was never empty, so it also receives the bottomless-mug seal of approval. Many diners have fallen short of the bar he sets when it comes to free coffee refills.

Warning: If you are a big fan of personal space, I'd look for a different place to dine. Lou Roc's is a cozy place that sometimes requires you to become well acquainted with your neighbor.  It's totally worth it though.

The portions are more than generous. The waitress was even kind enough to warn me that I really only wanted to order 1 or 2 pancakes, because the full stack would have been obscene.  Normally, this might bother me. I really do love food and probably could have, on a good day, finished the larger portion.  However, it was to the benefit of my thighs, waist, hips, tummy and bottom that I took her advice.  Even with the smaller portion, everyone left stuffed to the gills and smiling.

So my overall rating of Lou Roc's:  A great diner and lively atmosphere, but it isn't stealing the Boulevard's spot as reigning Worcester Diner.

Until next time!!!

<3 K

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