Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Can Dance If You Want To....

This blog will be one of the rare instances where I promote, rather than review, an event. Why? Well, it would be just plain rude of me to keep this Worcester gem a secret and cruel if I were to blog about it next week when you'd have to wait a whole year to experience this party. Since I would like to think that I am neither rude, nor cruel, I'm taking off my critic cap and trying my hand at advertising.

[Take this moment to envision me joining the cast of Mad Men: my Manhattan office decked out with Bauhaus inspired furniture and a fully stocked bar, I'm clad in Dior that would make Jackie O jealous, and I have Don Draper at my beck and call... okay, good, you've to the picture.]

Here are the specs:
The Odgren's Kayer to Find a Cure 3rd Annual Fundraising Dance
Friday, April 29
7pm EST
Pine Ridge Country Club
28 Pleasant St Oxford, MA
$10 - All proceeds go to Relay for Life

Now, it's no secret that my family (yes, I am promoting my family's fundraising event) knows how to throw a party.  The last year alone boasts three epic events - a Halloween Bash [costumes required], a New Year's Eve Extravaganza [buffet included], and to be completely shameless - one gorgeous wedding. When we throw a party, we go all out.  Here's what to expect on Friday night -in no particular order:
  • Music provided by Champagne Toast Entertainment - They'll have you dancing all night long! Find them on Facebook
  • Raffles that include:
    •  Red Sox tickets!!!!!!
    • Autographed Sports memorabilia 
    • Wine Baskets 
    • Electronics 
    • Quilts
    • Gift Certificates
  • Snacks on us! Chips, pretzels, etc.... snack donations from Walmart
  • Jen's Legen-wait for it- dary! Confetti Cake
  • A large and decently priced cash bar 
  • Dance offs
  • Photo ops
  • and much more
 The best thing is that this event is for a great cause.  Unfortunately, everyone has a loved one who has battled cancer.  Relay for Life is fighting to end that battle and find a cure for cancer. So, please join us for dancing and drinking in honor of kicking cancer's ass!  

Here's some photographic proof that this is a great party! (Photo's courtesy of my cousin's facebook page)

Be there!  

But if you can't, you can still make an online donation to our team at The Odgren's Kayer to Find A Cure
Until next week - when we'll be back to business as normal!
<3 K

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  1. Well said.....the gutless promoter in me is rubbing off on you. Like you said, it's for a great cause! Please join is, it's so much fun it should be illegal! If you've ever heard the news of a loved one's battle against cancer, join our fight, and have a great time as well.

    Brian P